Results for the season

Junior league coordinator
Dave Smith

Latest team positions
1 Ipswich Jaffa
2 CATs
3 Colchester Harriers
4 Tiptree
5 Harwich
6 Springfield Striders
6 Hadleigh Hares
8 Mid-Essex
8 Great Bentley
10 Witham
11 53-12

Revised junior league rules here

Junior age groups

The minimum age for the junior run is 8 years old and the maximum age is 17.

in the 2017-18 season, the age groups will be based on school years as follows:

School Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 (Under 11ís)

School Years 7 and 8         (Under 13ís)

School Years 9 and 10       (Under 15ís)

School Years 11 and 12     (Under 17ís)

Boys and girls in School year 12 may run in main adult race or the junior run, however they cannot take part in both events, therefore year 12ís must chose which event to run in at the start of the season

Junior team scoring
The first 5 juniors from any age group will score.

Junior league scoring sheets

Latest results - Race 2 Harwich
Download full results - here

Team positions

1 Colchester & Tendring 34
2 Ipswich Jaffa 42
3 Colchester Harriers 78
4 Tiptree 123
5 Harwich 190
6 Hadleigh Hares AC 332
7 Springfield Striders 343
8 Great Bentley RC 378
9 Witham R C 455
10 53-12 511
11 Mid Essex 554

 Age Group Winners
Girls U11
Freya Wilcox Ipswich Jaffa
Poppy Gaunt Ipswich Jaffa
Taylor Gooding Springfield Striders
Boys U11  
Dylan Robins Springfield Striders
Arthur Ballard Tiptree
Taylor Clarke Hadleigh
Girls U13  
Kaela Swaine CATs
Madeleine Lansdown Ipswich Jaffa
Erin Rogers CATs
Boys U13  
Henry Dover CATs
Thomas Southgate Ipswich Jaffa
Joseph Perry Tiptree
Girls U15
Milly Presland Colchester Harriers
Daisy Brooke Ipswich Jaffa
Jasmine Bilner Ipswich Jaffa
Boys U15
Aidan  Cahill CATs
Ben Podd Tiptree
Sam Shippey CATs
Girls U17
Ally Thondyke CATs
Savanna Harrison Colchester Harriers
Amber Fisher Colchester Harriers
Boys U17
Tom Abbott Ipswich Jaffa
Lee Harrison Ipswich Jaffa
Thomas Palmer CATs